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Planning your trip

What if we have small children traveling with us?

For shared rooms with their parents, normally a child under 5 years old is free of charge. If an extra bed for your child is needed it would result in some additional costs.  We recommend you to arrange a private tour just for your family, thus giving you and your family more room and comfort … Read more

Can I change my tour details after confirmation?

Once the official payment has been made, changes in tour details should be requested via email ( or email of the staff processing your booking), and is subject to a surcharge of hotels and restaurants (depending on each case). Possibility of reservation amendments is also subject to service availability of our suppliers (hotels, restaurants and other)

Disabled people traveling with wheel chair?

For people with wheelchairs, we will need some very special care, especially with transportation, as well as at some sites with tough grounds. Normally a private transport is arranged and a porter at some sites is needed.  Please contact our consultants to have had some experience in these cases.

What type of vehicles used for our tours

We use modern cars, minibus and coaches for all of our tours. Most are of recent vintage (2015-2019), are air conditioned, and have cooler to chill drinks. The latest additions to our fleet is the Toyota Innova (7 seaters). We always provide a larger vehicles so you will have ample room to relax; our drivers … Read more

Is there any free time during a tour?

Yes, you’re in control of your time during the tour with us and we allow the balance of touring time and free time so you will enjoy the tour at its best.

What is the ability of the tour guide like?

Our tour guides are well trained, experienced and certificated as a International Tour Guide, granted by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. We monitor feedback and if their feedback rates fall below 8/10. we will not use that guide till improvement.